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Customer Testimonials

" Met up with this handsome young man yesterday to go over what he offers (supplemental insurance). The first thing he does is give me information on cancer. I think it doesn't run in the family (ignorant me someone has had cancer in the family). I'm am going to be paying for something I might not get. It turns out that I get all ALL MY PREMIUMS BACK if I don't use policy after a certain time period. I go home and do some research and it turns out that it is highly likely I'll die from cancer, heart disease or accident. (Top three nationwide for black women my age.) Now I am glad I signed up. Wait! Fast forward, today I spoke to my student and she says "I have cancer on my cervix". My heart was crushed and it turns out she doesn't have any insurance besides health. All I kept thinking, "what if she had a supplemental insurance policy? Lots of her depressed feelings would be relieved knowing she has a company financially supporting her through this. Please guys, contact Robert Brown and hear what he has to offer. I feel so blessed and secure knowing me and my children are covered in an affordable way. ."

- Tracie B. Student Coordinator, Career Point